Win a meal for 2 at one of 6 quirky restaurants in London



What’s better than a nice meal out with some friends or a loved one you ask? How about something a little different about your dining experience? From unusual entertainment to a crazy theme or even dining in the dark! We’ve put together some of London’s most quirky restaurants so you can try something a little different this Christmas.


Dans Le Noir                                 

Are you brave enough to eat your meal in total and complete darkness? At Dans Le Noir you are guided to your table and served by blind staff members where you can then chose from 4 surprise menus. The idea is to have a unique experience which will change your view of the world by reversing your perspective and enhancing your sense of taste and smell so you can enjoy your meal all the more.



Inamo is a pioneering Asian fusion restaurant and bar where the control of the dining experience is placed firmly in your hands. Diners place orders from an illustrated food and drinks menu projected on to their table surface. You’ll set the mood, discover the local neighbourhood, and even order a taxi home.


Rainforest Café  

Rainforest Cafe has been designed as an exotic jungle that recreates the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest. This spectacular dining experience enables guests to enjoy great food and drinks whilst the unique jungle surroundings are brought to life with the help of stunning special effects and lifelike animatronics. This is a great one for the whole family.



This exotic restaurant is filled with golden Buddhas, dwarf palm trees and giant peacock feathers and is a great place to tickle your taste buds with something unusual. Among the hallmark dishes you’ll find crocodile, wildebeest and kangaroo featured comfortably alongside standard classics like chicken and fish and an array of inventive vegetarian options. You can even try the ‘Love bug salad’ which is deep fried crickets and locusts – yes you did read that correctly.


Bel Canto               

Is an Opera themed restaurant in Hyde Park. They offer French cuisine, all of which is served by waiters who serenade you with opera classics. Certainly one for the music lovers, but don’t worry – you don’t have to join in.


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.        


For most people, this one will be self-explanatory. Based on the infamous film Forest Gump, this restaurant serves everything shrimp. For anyone that loves Forest Gump it’s an absolute must, with lots of nods to characters and parts of the film, there’s even a section on the menu called ‘Forest’s favourites’.