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Corporate Booking

Peace of mind

Booking with ease

With The CabFusion Network, we give you control over your bookings. We can build the hierarchy of your company into Cab Guru meaning that the everyone gets the service they expect.

We can set up a 'Superuser' who can make, amend and cancel bookings for everyone, and even set default vehicle types and maximum spend. We allow you to restrict some users from booking more premium vehicle types, enforce PO Numbers/References and set discounts for regular trips.

Once the booking has been made, the passenger gets a notification on their App, letting them know. Email too, if they like.

You can even book for a guest, just tap in their mobile number and we'll take care of the rest. No need to download and register. They'll even get a text with all the important details when we're on our way.

Safety & Security

We know that your employees safety and security comes before everything else and we want you to know that they are safe with The CabFusion Network 


Our Web Portal allows you to see exactly where everybody is at all times, thanks to GPS in each vehicle. So no more calling the cab office or messaging the passenger for an update on their ETA. 

Our Web Portal also shows you all of the important details. Driver Name, Badge Number, Vehicle Make, Model and Registration Number are all there for you and the passenger to see. Along with the drivers photograph.

We also comply with all GDPR and use HTTPS Secure Systems to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.

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